Revoturn Turning Tools


Faster Speeds and Longer insert life in a variety of materials

Single point Revoturn tools with the rotating insert have been demonstrated in a variety of turning applications including High Nickel Content Aerospace Materials and High Speed Steel. RTC’s Technical Staff will be pleased to discuss your unique application requirements

This video illustrates Turning SinterCast CGI with a rotating ceramic insert. The metal removal rate is 45 inches per minute



Parameters shown in the Revoturn video

Metric Standard (inch)
Depth of Cut 2.5mm .100″
Feed per Revolution .5mm/rev .020″/rev
Part Diameter 142 mm OD 5.600″ OD
RPM 1330 RPM 1330 RPM
Surface Feed 592 M/min 1946 SFM
Feed Rate 675 mm/min 26.6 IPM
Metal Removal Rate 738 cubic cm per minute 45 cubic inches per minute

Turning Inconel with Revoturn Turning Tools

Parameters and Results:
Machine: 30 hp lathe
Tool: Revoturn Right Hand 1″ Shank TurningTool
Insert: Z22 Alcrona Coated Carbide  with .0015” hone
Material: Inconel 718 – Size 9” diameter; 36” long
Chuck: Three (3) Jaw
Coolant: Flood coolant
Parameters: Vc=98 SFM
inches per rev=012″/rev
Length of Cut= 17.5″
Results: 7 cuts at 5 min. per cut = 35 minutes of tool life