Innovators of the Insert that Rotates as it Cuts

A Cutting Tool Revolution

RTC’s tools feature round cutting inserts that rotate as they cut. This merger of cutting tool mechanics with the latest in insert and coating technology is unique in the world of metal cutting. Contrasted with  conventional tools with locked in place, manually indexed, fixed inserts , RTC’s continually rotating round inserts result in faster cutting speeds and far longer insert life. With a rotating insert, the heat is constantly dissipated as the insert rotates. The inserts are individually mounted on load bearing, rotating cartridges mounted in the tool body. When the cartridge mounted insert engages the workpiece, the self-propelled rotation is initiated.

This video illustrates boring a SinterCast CGI cylinder with a single rotating ceramic insert. The metal removal rate for the one insert is 44.2 cubic inches per minute.

Creative Disruption

The Evolution of Self-Propelled Rotating Tools

Oil Drilling

Hughes Oil Drill Bit 1909

Metal Cutting

Rotating Insert Cutting Tools

Tunnel Boring

Big Bertha Seattle 2013

“…innovators invariably upend the market.”

Steve Jobs