Our Products

Revobore Boring Tools

RTC boring tools come in single insert and multiple insert configurations. They can be 1) either custom made to match our customer’s specific bore size specification, or 2) come in a standard 2” boring configuration.

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Revomill Milling Tools

RTC milling cutters come in standard “inch” or metric diameters ranging in size from 3” and 75mm diameters with three (3) rotating cartridges and inserts up to 500mm diameter with 24 rotating inserts and cartridges.  Pictured is a 5” diameter Revomill with 10 rotating inserts.

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Revoturn Turning Tools

Single point Revoturn tools with the rotating insert have been demonstrated in a variety of turning applications including High Nickel Content Aerospace Materials and Swedish High Speed Steel. RTC’s Technical Staff will be pleased to discuss your unique application requirements

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